Walt Disney’s Frozen Body Has Thawed After His Cryogenic Chamber Malfunctions. Reanimation Now Impossible


Disneyland, CA- Walt Disney was frozen in a cryogenic tank shortly after he died in the hopes that science would one day be able to reanimate his frozen body after a cure for his ailments were found.

Sadly this can no longer happen now that Disney’s body has thawed due to a his cryogenic chamber malfunctioning during an outage of power. When thawing occurs in a non-stable manner, such as a complete power outage, decomposition sets in at a rapid pace. When the decomposition process begins reanimation is no longer a viable option.

The Disney family was to arrange for a grand celebration for when Walt was brought back to life. That can no longer happen. No word has come out as to why the power failed. Strangely, the supposedly failsafe backup generators never kicked in either. The Cryonics Institute will be leading an in house investigation into the matter.

A source close to the family who was willing to speak with us only on the condition of anonymity said, “Reanimation was always going to be a risky proposition. It had never been successfully done. What can be done and what we might start hearing about, will be the cloning of Walt through various sources of DNA and the logistics behind that. That is purely speculation at this point though”.

Many 1000’s of people have offered their sympathies to the Disney family in letters and video messages across all of social media.

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