Faced With Eviction, Man Burns Down Apartment Complex.


Oxnard, CA- Peter Mathers (49), was struggling to make ends meet. Like many others during the last year and a half, Peter has had a hard time bringing in consistent money. This had led to him receiving an eviction notice from his landlord after one too many missed and or late payments.

Wracked with frustration didn’t know what he was going to do. Without a proper place to live, his medical conditions would surely worsen. Medical bills are why Pete was always having a hard time paying rent. It’s a tough choice between housing and medicine, but that’s the world we live in.

Pete’s neighbors, the Miltons are waiting to speak to the manager about getting a discount.

Peter made a decision that too many are choosing. He decided to commit a crime so he could guarantee himself a place to stay while also having his medical issues cared for. He was going to burn down the entire complex in which he lived. He thought, “this fucking city is building so many new mega complexes, that I’m sure some will welcome a rubble filled lot in which to rebuild a giant monstrosity on”.

Before setting the fire, Peter called in a bomb threat so that the building would be evacuated. He then proceeded to methodically light the complex on fire. *For safety, Mr. Mathers means of setting the fire will not be mentioned*.

Pete emerged from the blaze hands on head and was promptly arrested. One phrase he kept repeating while being hauled away was, “Now the whole state will be paying for my housing. Now you will all pay for me to live in prison!”.

Extreme measures for sure, but it’s indicative of a society where common sense in uncommon.

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