Proof Of Time Travel? A 200 Year Old Swiss Watch Has Been Found In Sealed Tomb From 1232 B.C.


Cairo, Egypt- Archaeologists were doing a routine dig to clear a section that had not been searched with modern technology. Recently new technology has made it possible to uncover secrets that had been overlooked in years past. With new sonic light emitting diode cellular luminescent androscopy (SLEDCLA), or SLED for short, what once was a lost dig could now be a great find waiting to be uncovered.

Lector Murrows (33) was using the SLED device about 100 yards from the great pyramids of Giza when it hit. A tomb had been discovered at a distance away from the pyramids once believed to be void of tombs. After days of careful digging the tomb was ready to be opened.

Lector cracked open the tomb and the unmistakable sound of air rushing in to a sealed vault hit his ears. This was an untouched tomb. Witnesses verified that this was an intact and undisturbed tomb. Sadly, this was not some long forgotten Pharaoh buried with a hoard of treasure. Just a common merchant with mementos from family. Before calling it a night, something caught Lector’s eye. It was a clever looking ring on the man’s finger.

Upon further inspection with a nuclearendoscope, Lector saw that where a jewel would usually be placed, was actually the face of a watch. Hands were clearly visible, but hands on a clock weren’t put into use until the 1500’s. The micro scale of this watch was quite extraordinary even for more modern times. A quick search of a renown watch database confirmed this to be an exquisitely made Swiss piece from the late 1800’s.

After a myriad of testing, it was confirmed by CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research and Time Travel) that this was authentic. CERN also stated in their report that “this is in-fact the first conclusive evidence of time travel and we are willing to stand behind that fact”.

With the backing of CERN, Lector has rose to cult status amongst time travel conspiracy theorists. Though according to CERN it is no longer a theory. Work is starting in earnest to uncover more secrets to this time travel event.

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