Wife Puts Padlock Around Husbands Balls And Throws Away The Key After Catching Him Cheating


Helen Parker of Newbury Park California recently discovered her husband of 18 years, Roger has been cheating on her with their nanny, Bekka. It’s a tale as old as time and Helen was furious this was now also her story. She knew better than to get a good looking younger woman to watch her children, but the price was right and she came from a good family.

Helen got an alert on her phone from her Ring Doorbell, it was her husband Roger coming home in the middle of the day while she was out shopping. Helen continued to shop, but could not get off her mind the fact that her husband had come home without telling her first. She called Roger. He answered the phone but kept it short insisting that he was in a work meeting and had to go. Well Helen very well knew Roger was not in a work meeting and now she suspected he was meeting covertly with their nanny, Bekka.

She called Bekka to check on the kids and Bekka told her that they were taking a nap while she did some cleaning around the house. Bekka made no mention of Roger being home, so Helen finished up her shopping with a lightning quickness and raced home. When Helen arrived, she immediately went upstairs where she caught Bekka and Roger in the marital bed making the beast with two backs.

“I’ve been a locksmith for 47 years. Never have I had to remove a lock from someone’s testicles before. I guess there’s a first time for everything”, Locksmith Ed Dewalt.

Helen pulled Bekka off and chased her out of the house, warning her to never return. Roger went directly to apology mode and tried to calm his irate wife. He said he would do anything to make things right. Helen took that to heart as she headed off to Lowes where she purchased the strongest padlock that money can buy. She made peace with Roger before bed as they never like to go to bed angry. Roger made lots of sweet promises to never give her reason to worry ever again. Helen was not buying it.

Sometime shortly after midnight Helen clamped that heavy duty padlock around Roger’s scrotum damn near popping his balls out the sack with its galvanized and hardened steel. With a yelp Roger woke to a very pleased Helen. She showed him the key to the lock and proceeded to take a drive where she tossed it out the window. Roger would have to hire a locksmith if he wanted the lock gone.

The next day roger found a locksmith who was willing to take on the task of removing the lock from his balls. Word travelled after the incident like wildfire in the Parker’s neighborhood. Helen was taken in by police and subsequently arrested for assault, but Roger refused to press charges and she was sent home. Roger knew better than to see what she would have up her sleeve if he let her spend even one night in jail.

Roger now has a healthy fear of Helen, which suits Helen just fine. The couple have since hired a handsome young man, Brad to be their children’s new nanny. Helen is reportedly overjoyed with Brad and his work ethic.

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