Wife Glues Husband’s Foreskin To Penis Head After Catching Him Cheating


Chase Miller of Houston Texas, woke to sinister laughter and a strange sensation. When he looked down, he saw his wife laughing hysterically while holding an industrial strength glue twice as strong as gorilla glue in one of her hands. Then he saw what she had done with the glue. She glued his foreskin shut over the head of his penis while he was asleep.

Olive Miller had caught Chase cheating when she went through his messages while he was at work the night before. Olive had found sufficient evidence that he was cheating on her with multiple women over a long period of time. Her logic for gluing his penis shut, “Cheating bastard can’t use his prick if it’s glued shut!”.

“It’s difficult to say what the full extent of Mr. Miller’s injury will be. Time will reveal the answers”, Dr. Edmund Cleary

Chase immediately called for the cops and an ambulance. While he went to the hospital, Olive was taken to Harris County Jail where she has become something of a folk hero among the other inmates. At present time Mr. Miller is recovering from injuries sustained from the gluing shut of his penis and the harsh chemicals it took to open it back up. Sadly, Mr. Miller may never regain sensation in his penis again due to severe chemical burns.

Mrs. Miller is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear before a judge by the end of the week.

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