Mans Robs Convenience Store Only To Be Arrested Hours Later When He Returns To The Same Store To Buy Beer


Houston, TX- Fernando Chavez (63), was seen leaving a Circle-K with approximately $40 in cash he had stolen from a register. He disappeared in an alleyway behind the store. Fernando is well known around the area by locals and it was out of character for him to rob anyone, but it was also within his character to drink copious amounts of alcohol.

As everyone would later find out, Fernando had woken up this particular morning short on beer money. He devised a plan to rob the Circle-K he frequented of some of the cash he always saw in the register. Still morning time and Fernando, with a stalking over his face to help disguise himself, walked into the convenience store brandishing a decent sized pocket knife demanding money from the register.

The clerk who had only been on the job a few days, complied with Fernando and gave him all the money currently in the register. Turned out to only be about $40, but that was more than enough for Fernando to fill up on beer. Hours later while giving a description of the bandit, which included a description of the conspicuous shirt the thief was wearing. “He was wearing a shirt that read ‘Warning; I Do Dumb Things'”, said the clerk to police.

Mr. Chavez made our work easy for us today by returning to the scene of the crime.

At that moment, Fernando returned wearing the exact shirt being described and walk to the cooler to grab a couple 12 packs of beer. The police and clerk looked on in disbelief as Fernando walked up to the register to purchase the beer. With a different employee behind the register, he must of felt confident that the transaction would go off without a hitch.

Then he felt a tap on his should. It was the police officer already on scene with a few questions about a guy wearing the exact shirt he was and who had robbed this exact location hours earlier. A defeated Fernando confessed on the spot and was taken into custody. “It is not unusual for a perpetrator to return to the scene of a crime, but what Mr. Chavez did is sheer stupidity. To return only hours later wearing the same clothes, it’s just not something a smart criminal would do”, HPD officer Dale Harris.

Fernando Chavez is currently sitting in Harris County Jail awaiting his trail for armed robbery.

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