Tired Of His Wife’s Vegan Lifestyle, Man Kills Her And Makes Bacon Out Of Her Flesh


Pete Bustamonte (41) of Oxnard California has been arrested after a video appeared online of him eating bacon he claimed was made from his wife’s flesh. His wife Rebecca was a Vegan and had no problems letting everyone know and condemning those who would not convert. Pete and Rebecca fell in love over a mutual interest in crossfit. They were tied at the hip in those early months, so much so that within a year of meeting they were married.

The honeymoon was over for Pete the day his wife came home claiming she had now found Veganism and would no longer support Pete’s own diet. Within a week of becoming Vegan, Pete was contemplating killing her or himself. The incessant barrage Rebecca unloaded on Pete really began to take its toll and he knew his marriage was over, but was not sure how to end it.

“Having to charge Mr. Bustamonte is bitter sweet. Living with a vegan can be terribly trying, but we cannot allow the killing of another to go unpunished”, Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko

According to Pete he just snapped one night, “She threw out all my bacon man. All of it. There was like 5lbs. of sweet, juicy, savory bacon in the trash. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I shoved a cucumber down her throat while she was sleeping and she choked to death. I wasn’t my intention to kill her, but it was the result of my actions. Sitting next to her lifeless body I felt empty”.

“I felt empty because I was going to have bacon for dinner but that bitch got rid of it all and with that thought I got mad all over again. It was then I decided to make some juicy bacon out of her grass-fed body. It was the most tender flavorful bacon I had ever had in my life. I enjoyed it so much I made a video blog about it and shared my thoughts on making bacon out of vegans. What I had not intended on was broadcasting this video live. I’m not very tech savvy and that turned out to be my downfall”.

Pete Bustamonte is now in Ventura County Jail awaiting trial for 2nd Degree Murder.

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