3rd Grade Teacher Sat On Students Until They Handed Over Their Lunch


Amanda Detwiler, a 3rd grade teacher, has been fired by the Bakersfield City School District after several parents called in complaining that their children were arriving home hungry after school. The children told their parents that “Ms. Detwiler would sit on us until we said she could have our sandwiches. She’s heavy and it was hard to breathe so I gave her my sandwich. The next day it was my best friend Alice that got sat on”.

Bakersfield City School District takes child abuse seriously and Ms. Amanda Detwiler was fired on the spot and taken into custody by the local police. Ms. Detwiler claims she is addicted to food and that it was not her fault, but rather an uncontrollable addiction to food that caused her to sit on the children.

“I have seen all kinds of crime in my 30 year career. Crimes against children is something you never get used to. Ms. Detwiler will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, Sergeant Paulson Bakersfield P.D.

Her addiction story pleas fell on deaf ears and she was charged with 13 counts of child abuse, because of her weight she was also charge with 7 counts of attempted manslaughter, “She could have easily caused the death of one of the children she sat on. She weighs in excess of 350lbs and the developing skeletal structure of a child cannot handle that kind of pressure on their small bones. At the least Ms. Detwiler displayed depraved indifference to the welfare of those she was trusted and will be facing a minimum of 30 years in prison with the possibility of life if convicted on all charges”, Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer.

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