Woman Invokes Her Right To Remain Silent After Police Find A Bucket Of Penises In Her Car


Camarillo, CA- In the sleepy Southern California town of Camarillo, Debra Perry was pulled over for a routine traffic stop after she ran a red light. Not much in the way of actual crime takes place in this town, so when the officer approached the vehicle to discuss why he had pulled her over, he did a double take when his eyes caught view of a mysterious looking 5 gallon bucket sitting on the back seat of her car.

There was a towel partially covering the opening, but several objects were protruding out from under the towel. In that bucket were several dozen penises of different lengths, sizes, and colors. Some circumcised, while others were not. The officer drew his weapon and waited for backup before making a felony arrest. Debra Perry invoked her right to remain silent and has given authorities no information regarding the penises found in her car.

Ms. Perry is currently sitting in Ventura County Jail while detectives, assigned to her case, search for the source of all the missing penises. She has been denied bail while the investigation continues. Anyone with any information regarding missing penises, especially from places such as; colleges, mortuaries, morgues, hospitals and the like, are asked to call the Ventura County police tip line. Phone tips will remain anonymous.

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