Naked Man Chases Jehovah’s Witnesses Off Of His Porch, Swinging His D*ck, Yelling, “Grab The Devil’s Serpent And Repent Ye Sinners!”


Fillmore California – Benjamin Williams (57), has been taken to Ventura County jail after an altercation involving two Jehovah’s Witnesses and himself. Mr. Williams was seen running naked, penis in hand, after two young men on bicycles who were going door to door to spread the message of Christ in his neighborhood. Benjamin spotted the men, Luke and John, about 3 houses away from his and decided right then and there to strip off his clothes, unleash his serpent, and give these guys a memory they will not soon forget.

“Mr. Williams thought it would be funny to answer the door completely in the nude and shock these young men. The two men sat stunned on his porch for a brief moment before returning to their bicycles. They are familiar with folks being rude, but what Mr. Williams did next went a little too far”, Deputy Sheriff MacEwen.

It’s not everyday you see a naked man chasing two men on bicycles down the street. – Neighbor Tom Ellison

Luke and John are used to people being rude, slamming doors, and even yelling at them, but for a naked man to greet them at the door, that was quite the shock. Neither one had seen another man naked before and they didn’t quite know how to respond. To say they were uncomfortable would be a gross understatement. It was quite obvious that their message was not going to be heard at this particular house and that it was time to move on to the next one.

The men started back towards their bikes, but Benjamin wasn’t done trying to get under their skin. A nude Benjamin started speaking about his penis in the third person as he aggressively swung it in a counter-clockwise direction. “Take a good look at my Dick. Grab The Devil’s Serpent And Take A Bite Of My Apples and wash it down with my Devil’s Dick Juice. Here grab it! Touch it! Feel its power!”. This got the attention of the pair of men. They began to fear what may happen next and swiftly began to pedal away.

Benjamin took off running after them, swinging his pecker around like a mini helicopter, but he did not make it too far as neighbors had already informed police of an altercation involving their naked neighbor and the two young men. Benjamin was apprehended without incident and after having their statements taken, the men were free to go to spread the word of God once again.

After being taken in, Benjamin was given some close and arrested on public indecency while district attorneys figure out what other charges can be levied against him.

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