Woman Trips And Falls Killing Johnathan, Formerly The Worlds Oldest Living Tortoise At 490 Years Old


Saint Helena- Tragedy has struck the small island of Saint Helena this past Sunday. Johnathan, a Seychelles giant tortoise, was estimated to be around 490 years old. He had survived both World Wars, countless skirmishes, and also held the title of “Oldest Living Tortoise”, was crushed under the weight of tourist Bethany Lowell. Lowell went on vacation to the island specifically to see Johnathan.

Hatched in 1532, Johnathan lived a long and happy life all the way up until the day Bethany Lowell arrived to say hi. On her way to pose for a picture with Johnathan, Bethany tripped on a rock propelling her forward and onto Johnathan, “I was so focused on Johnathan, that I didn’t see the rock. Sadly I tripped, landed on his back, and crushed his shell causing his death. I am in deep grief that my actions have put an end to his life”.

A small mercy, is the fact that the he was blind and never saw death coming for him. According to Zoologists, death was nearly instantaneous due to the sheer mass of Bethany crashing down on him. Residents of Saint Helena are planning to erect a statue in honor of Johnathan by the end of next year.

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