Millennial Wins Lottery The Day After Parents Kick Him Out For Being A Bum. Buys House Next Door


Los Angeles, CA- Brent Richmond (24), was busy playing Fornite Saturday night when he was interrupted by his dad Ted. Ted was sick of his sons shit and so was his mother, Pam. Brent had been in junior college for 5 years and was no closer to a degree than he had been two years ago. Ted has been trying to get his son out of the house for a while now. Problem is Brent was told he could stay as long as he was going to college. Well Pam and Ted were no longer happy with that plan of action.

Ted told Brent the ultimate words to catch his millennial sons attention, “we’re getting rid of the wifi”. Brent lost his shit. He quickly told his buds on Fornite the situation and they told him to “be strong and play the college card”. Pam and Ted weren’t letting that card be played anymore and when Brent threw a fit about the wifi and Fornite tournament planned for the next day, Ted had it. Ted told him, “pack your shit. Here’s $200 and the door”.

Brent (foreground) and Eddie gaming it up and chowing down.

Brent took off and grabbed a six pack of IPA and went to his pal Eddie’s pad. Along with the IPA’s he picked up a quick pick lotto ticket. Eddie and Brent got wasted on the IPA’s and made TikTok videos. Early Sunday morning Brent woke up with a massive hangover and went to turn on the Sunday morning cartoons but the news was still on. He went to take a leak and heard that the lotto numbers would be revealed after the break. Brent shook off his unit and came back in time to check his numbers against the winners. After the first three numbers matched, he began to feel like he was having an out of body experience. When the 5th number matched he had already picked out the color of Ferrari he was going to buy. The 6th number came up, it did not match. He was crushed.

Not matching all 6 numbers he got bummed out and grabbed some cereal and went back to watch cartoons. When Eddie got up he noticed the ticket on the table and asked Brent how it went. “I only got 5 out of 6 of the numbers”. Eddie literally peed himself a little when he let Brent know that “you win money if you get 5 out of 6 numbers you idiot”, a lot of money! $627,000 to be exact.

Ted and Pam hadn’t heard a word from their son for two weeks when the house next door was sold. Pam like any good and nosy neighbor made some chocolate chip cookies as an excuse to find out about her new neighbor. After a ring of the door bell, the door opened and there stood her son Brent. She was taken aback. Brent had to have been squatting in this house for the past two weeks and was obviously going to be in trouble if he didn’t get out and get out soon. She pled with her son to leave and find somewhere else to go before he got caught. During this conversation the realtor showed up to hand Brent the fresh set of keys and two garage door remotes. Brent thanked the realtor for all their help.

Pam and Ted are pissed.

Pam couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Brent explained what had happen. Pam called Ted and told him to come next door and to be ready for a shock. The story was repeated and the small part of winning over half a million dollars also came out. Ted was pissed. His lazy ass son won the lottery with money he gave him after being kicked out never to learn a lesson. Brent informed his dad that unless he was in college that he had to leave his house. The vein on his fathers forehead was about to pop.

Ted and Pam still have to deal with Brent. With plenty of money at his disposal, Brent got a state of the art audio setup and would play Fornite so loud he would wake his parents all the way from his house. It was his little way of getting back at him for kicking him out. When asked by local newspaper reporters how winning the lottery has changed him, Brent had this to say, “now I don’t have to go to college and can watch my cartoons in peace”.

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