Bruce Springsteen Will Not Perform “Born In The USA” Again, Until Trump Leaves America


AMERICA, USA – Rock ‘n roll icon Bruce Springsteen will not be singing “Born in the USA” again anytime soon it seems. The rocker told “After yesterday’s bullshit, I can’t, in good faith sing my song. This is not a slight to the American people. I just can’t”. We think this may be the desperate act of an older musician trying to get press again, but let’s continue.

The Boss has had enough of the orange man the last four years and thinks leaving the Whitehouse is a good first step, but that he should board a plane and move to russia where people care and support him and his destruction of basic human morality.

Another lesser know reason The Boss may have for wanting trump gone is the rarely publicized romance he had with the first lady back in the mid 90’s. “Man we was doing so much blow Hunter S. had to excuse himself!”. He has never fully recovered from the failed romance and seeing her on the tele is just too heartbreaking.

While we might not know what the hell is really going on, we can tell ya that we can’t wait to hear Bruce light the stage up with a powerful rendition of his classic song. The sooner the better!

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