Arby’s Manager Mistakes Woman’s Vagina For 5lbs. Of Stolen Roast Beef. She Is Arrested And Later Released


Ventura, CA- A local woman was released from Ventura County Jail late last night after evidence proved she was not a thief. The previous evening Lissette Hinjosa (27) of Oxnard, was picked up by VPD leaving an Arby’s restaurant. The manager of that store called authorities to report that there was a woman in possession of a large amount of their beef, close to 5lbs. from the looks of it. Beef that she had not purchased he told them. The manager had been told to be extra vigilant in keeping loss at a minimum by the owner, especially with the rising cost of meats.

Lissette was taken to county lock-up where she took a booking photo and was searched by female officers who were looking for the stolen property. Less that 5 minutes into their search, one of the female officers spoke to a detective on the case and said that she believed this was actually all a “wild misunderstanding”. The officer went on to say that she believed the manager mistakenly confused Lissitte Hinjosa’s outer labia for 5lbs. of roast beef sold at Arby’s. You see Lissette did not remember to wear panties the previous night and was wearing a short skirt. According to the female officer, her vaginal area happens to resemble Arby’s delicious roast-beef which confused the manager, subsequently prompting him to call the police.

Lissette has been formally apologized by the store’s owner and manager. She was given a $100 gift card for the “embarrassing” misunderstanding. Expect a civil suit to arise from this ordeal in the coming weeks. Representatives from Arby’s denied our request for comment. Please stay tuned to for more on this story and the news that matters most to you!

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