Trans Woman Beats Up Her Husband For Being Married To A Transgender Woman


Houston, TX- Gillian Mattison (39), formerly “Gilbert”, has been arrested for beating up her husband. A little back story first. When Gillian was still known as Gilbert and living as a man, he was in the hate group “Proud Boys”. Now being in a violent gang like that, there was no way he could hold his position of power within the club and transition to a woman as was his hearts desire. Gilbert resigned from the proud boys and began her transition to be the person they always were.

Back to present day and Gillian is in Harris County jail after beating up her husband. The couple woke up like it was any other day, but during the night Gillian had had a dream that her former proud boy club members were telling her that she needed to “beat up her husband” for marrying a “chick that used to be a dude”. When she remembered her dream, she reverted to her old hate club ways and put the smack down on her husband.

Her husband, Colt, tried to reason with her but it was of no use. Aware that she used to be a man and was loved by the very husband she was slapping silly did not matter to her. Then seemingly out of no where she stopped and snapped back into reality. With common sense having returned, Gillian called an ambulance to help her husband and also called the police on herself, “I reverted to my former lifestyle. You never know how sick you are while you are in terrorist organization and the remnants of my time in the proud boys came back and reared its ugly head. I will serve my time and hopefully rid my brain of those terribly hateful ideologies”, Gillian Mattison told us from her cell.

Her husband is expected to make a full recovery. Gillian pled guilty to assault charges and will spend 3 months in jail before attending 24 months of court ordered anger management classes.

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