Man “Accidentally” Ejaculates On Fellow Rollercoaster Passengers, Blames G-Forces For “Spontaneous” Ejaculation


Fillmore, CA- Ben Edgars (28), was arrested by park police at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita California this week. Several passengers on the “Viper” rollercoaster, exited the ride with semen adorned on their faces as well as other parts of their person. Of all the passengers on the coaster, Ben was the only one with semen stains around the crotch area. A quick review of security camera’s confirmed park police’s suspicion, that Ben was indeed the ejaculator.

Video footage clearly shows Ben’s erect penis in one frame and and shortly after, a flaccid penis with the aforementioned semen stains in another. Ben claims the “G-Forces” must have brought on a “Spontaneous” ejaculation. Irregardless of “How” he came to cum on his fellow passengers, he had no answer as to why his penis was outside his pants in the first place.

Living in Fillmore California, down the road from the theme park, Ben was a frequent visitor. Sadly, he has been permanently banned following the incident. Santa Clarita police detectives have taken over the case from park police. 7 people were hit with his ejaculate in one form or the other. Park officials are on high-alert for potential civil suits stemming from the victims.

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