Cousins Caught Having Animal Like Relations During Grandfather’s Funeral


Anaconda, MT- Felix Clemmings passed away at the age of 78 in his sleep. Felix had a large and gregarious family. Due to the small selection of companions, some of the younger generations have chosen to co-mingle with one-another. Specifically Ben and Lilly Clemmings.

Clemmings’ funeral was a grand affair, bringing in family from all over the state. “Must of been 30-40 people there”, said one attendee.

Before Felix’s casket could be lowered into the ground, guests at the funeral heard moaning and grunting coming from behind a tree not far away. The noise got so loud, some people took it upon themselves to see what was happening.

Sadly this is not the first time we have responded to such a call.

Little did they expect to see Ben and Lilly Clemmings (First Cousins), going at it like two sex starved heathens! One of the other cousins started cheering them on. Unfortunately for the two love birds, someone had already called authorities regarding the disturbance.

Park Rangers thought they had heard an animal attack because of the awful sounds they heard coming from the funerals direction. They weren’t far off from the truth. Ben and Lilly were still enjoying each others company when local authorities arrived. The law they broke, DISTURBING THE PEACE!? The two woman were quickly released on their own recognizance. After being released they went back behind the same tree to finish up now that their grandfather was in the ground.

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