Animal Control Officer Wanted For Sexual Assault Of Over 400 Dogs


Ted Cobalt (61) of Bakersfield California is on the run from local authorities. An officer of the Bakersfield Animal Control, Cobalt is accused of sexually assaulting over 400 dogs while on the job. Employed to help the animals of the area Ted has instead become one of the nations largest animal abusers.

Ted has been an Animal Control Officers for the City of Bakersfield for 15 years. In that time it is said that not a month went by where he has not assaulted a dog. He seems to have abruptly left town as his apartment shows no signs of a move but also no signs of his person in quite some time. It is believed he became aware his crimes were caught on video and decided to skip town to avoid arrest.

“A sick and twisted individual. He must be caught at all costs”, Detective Briscoe of the Bakersfield Police Department

“Mr. Cobalt has been caught on surveillance camera’s penetrating scores of canines at the Animal Control lockup. He would pick up strays or troubled dogs, proceed to drug them and ultimately rape them”, said Sgt. Larry Myers of Animal Control. Many missing dogs have been attributed to Cobalt’s crimes. “Our missing dog Rusty was returned to us by Mr. Cobalt and ever since then he will growl at us if we get too close to his butthole. Mr. Cobalt did things to his anus I am unwilling to talk about”, owner of a victimized dog.

According to FBI profilers it is likely he will seek to disappear in a large city such as Los Angeles. A densely populated area will also provide the opportunity for him to repeat his crimes on an even larger scale. Citizens are urged to check on their dogs often and to make sure that they come in for the night. If you see Ted Cobalt, do not approach him but immediately contact your local authorities.

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