Fidget Spinner Stuck Up Man’s Anus Is Successfully Removed


Carson Lee of Studio City is recovering well at the UCLA medical center. He arrived as a transfer from another hospital that was not equipped to remove foreign objects from the rectal cavity. Carson was put under general anesthesia while Dr. Roland gloved up for the removal of the fidget spinner. After applying generous amount of lubricant Dr. Roland spread open the anus with one hand and used the other to retrieve the object.

Fortunately for Mr. Lee his, butthole was large enough that no tearing occurred. With the spinner out of the anus, Dr. Roland removed his other hand and the butthole clapped back into placed with an audible “whack whack”.

Dr. Roland’s surgical team says they may never be the same.

The spinner was subsequently placed in a cleansing solution and set aside for when Mr. Lee fully recovered.

Since his butthole was so large the recovery time will be minimal. He must stay at the hospital until he has a bowel movement. When asked how it got up there this is what he had to say, “My wife loves eating my ass. She has an amazing long tongue and she loves to use it and explore my anal cavity. I jokingly said, ‘my asshole is so big I bet you could spin a fidget spinner with your tongue up in there’, and next thing I know she’s shoving one up my ass’. Damn thing got stuck up there. Who would have thought??”.

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