The Man Who Married A Sex Doll Now Faces Life In Prison After Killing Her


Yuri Tolochko is in a Kazakhstani prison. He was found taking an axe to his bride in a dark alleyway by police officers passing by. Yuri claims she had been unfaithful and that she triggered his anger by saying, “Yuri, you have tiny cock. I needed more. I’m sorry”.

Yuri could forgive a lot, but not infidelity. He wanted to take her to dinner to show her that he was over the cheating and that he was ready to move on. Well that’s what he said to her, but not what he had planned. On the way to the restaurant he dragged his wife, Margo, into a dark alley where he had an axe ready to pummel her with.

He tried to decapitate her, but her craftsmanship was too good. He decided to focus on her torso. With thrashing blows the massive bodybuilder killed his wife with blunt force trauma. Two police officers happened upon the scene and placed Yuri under arrest.

The happy couple during better times. (Photo taken from their honeymoon in the Bahamas).

Yuri is now being held in solitary confinement for his crimes. Normally in Kazakhstan if you take an axe to an inanimate object, they are not necessarily going throw you into prison. The fact Yuri actually married Margo changes the charges from vandalism to murder. “She was his wife. You cannot take an axe to your wife. Understand. Yuri now understands”, said Kazakhstani police captain, Lenny Lenokov.

Turns out if Yuri didn’t make such a fuss about legally marrying a sex doll, he may have adverted a life in prison. Please stayed tuned to for all the news that matters most.

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