The Dukes Of Hazard Has Been Canceled After Being Found Too Offensive


Sherman Oaks, CA- In what appears to be the first of many old television series to be wiped from the face of the planet, The Dukes Of Hazard will be the first on the chopping block. Gone are the days of the good old boys on television and streaming services racing after the bad guys. A Congressional committee run by Nancy Pelosi and other house leading Democrats has gotten together to uncover all the overly offensive television shows and wipe them off the air.

As a whole, America has lost interest in mind numbing programming. The Kardashian’s have set the bar low for any new series to match let alone one that has been forgotten about for many many years. Thus the good old boys are being sent to pasture.

“Frankly I was shocked to find that this garbage show was still on the air in places”

Democrats see this as a way to weed out the malignant shows that are “like a cancer for our eyes”. “The removal of this show will start a trend where crap shows will be removed before a new generation can grab hold of the low moral standards which were so prevalent in shows 40yrs ago”, said a Congressional Aide.

Rumors are circulating that All In The Family is the next one to go. But First analysts want to measure the positive impact on society that the removal of The Dukes Of Hazard will ultimately have before pulling the plug on a second show. “More and more we are finding these old antiquated shows still on the air long after their relevance”, says Pelosi.

There is sure to be some backlash from the right, but the Dems are not afraid to keep on canceling until there is nothing left.

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