An Accidental Erection Saved This Man’s Life During A Car Crash


Clive Owens knows he is lucky to have survived a potentially fatal car accident. On his way home from work, Clive swerved to avoid an animal on the road when he lost control of his vehicle. Then he broke through a guard rail and fell down a 20 foot embankment.

Emergency workers got to the scene within 10 minutes of the accident and were able to safely remove Clive from his vehicle. “I was surprised he was alive. The damage to the car and the fact his seat belt broke, it’s just mind boggling he was able to walk away from this”, said an EMT. In the back of the ambulance, Clive was able to recount some of his harrowing tale.

“A most impressive penis. Very capable of becoming rock hard from fear. I would like to examine it further”, Dr. Pashar.

“I swerved for an animal. Not sure what kind it was, but I swerved and hit that damn guardrail. The impact from the hit broke my seatbelt. I thought I was done for, but fortunately for me I have this condition. When I get scared I get a boner. The more frightened I am the more fierce the erection. When that belt broke my cock got raging hard and as the car hit the bottom of the 20 foot embankment my raging boner got caught on the steering wheel and saved me from ejecting through the windshield”.

“I’ve always enjoyed my cock and now it seems I owe my life to it. I’m gonna be nicer to it. Maybe not beat it so hard in the future”, concluded Owens. Clive’s story is a remarkable one. A one in a million story. Don’t leave your life up to chance and have your car looked over well. We all can’t summon an erection in times of fear like Clive did. Sometimes we have to take preventative measures.

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