Dog Who Was Abandoned By Its Owner 5 Years Ago, Returns To Bite Him In The Ass


Birmingham, England- Rupert is a good boy by all accounts. He recently made the local news when he returned to his former home in Small Heath. Rupert was left abandoned 5 years ago by his former owner, Reggie McMurphy. Reggie could no longer feed his young dog so he left him in the streets of Small Heath to fend for himself.

Rupert was eventually rescued by a nice family out of Newport where he was taken care of and loved by the Harlows. Then one day out of the blue, Rupert disappeared from his loving Newport home. For 2 weeks his family posted fliers tying to find their beloved Rupert. On a Sunday the phone rang and it was a police office out of Small Heath on the line.

Apparently Rupert traveled 125 kilometers to Small Heath from Newport with the intention of getting even with his former owner. Rupert spotted Reggie McMurphy, the man who abandoned him on these very streets 5 years ago, leaving a pub late in the evening. When McMurphy turned down an alley on his way home Rupert took the opportunity to bite his former owner in the ass removing a nice chunk of flesh in the process.

Reggie McMurphy called authorities after the incident and demanded they do something about the dog who bit him. When police arrived they found Reggie writhing in pain and Rupert sitting off to the side looking like a good boy. Officers read Ruperts tags and called his family. Police conveyed to his owners that Rupert had taken a bite out of a man in Small Heath.

“I will wear the scar on me bum to remind me that what I do in the past can come back to bite me at anytime”- a repentant Reggie McMurphy

The Harlows told police that Rupert was abandoned in the streets of Small Heath when he was young and that he was the most mild mannered dog they had ever met and would never harm anyone. Police told Reggie what the Harlows had said about Rupert and his journey. Something clicked in Reggie that this was the dog that he had left in these very streets all those years ago.

Feeling ashamed by his past actions, he told the cops the full story and said that he would not press charges. In fact Reggie paid for a ride back to Newport so Rupert could be home in time for dinner. Back in his home of Newport, Rupert has become a local hero and he is currently enjoying treats before sleeping the afternoon away.

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