Woman Claims Boyfriend’s 14in. Penis Caused Her To Lose Control Of Her Left Eye


Becky Yont is making headlines by suing her boyfriend for the damage done by his massive penis. She claims that during relations he got too vigorous and knocked her eye loose. Several doctors have said off the record, that they believe she could have received the loose eye through a traumatic event but they highly doubted sex was the cause of it.

To the critics and naysayers Becky played the sex tape they recorded that night and you can clearly see “Bill” her boyfriend pounding her from behind with great exuberance, but nothing out of the ordinary. She claims his “14 inches of manhood” is responsible for her new look.

“Bill” claims the eye did come loose during the sex, but that it happened when she was pegging him and she poked herself in the eye with a butt plug. The video is going to be played in court where the judge will make the call on who is responsible for the crooked eye. Becky is seeking 50k in punitive damages and “Bill” is countersuing for defamation of character, “my penis is not 14 inches and saying that is just going to disappoint my future sex partners”.

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