Amazon Now Employs More Security Guards Than America Has Police? Is Something Wrong Here?


For every (non security guard) amazon employs there are 3 security guards employed by the mega company. Loss of packages is the number one cause for lost profits next to employees calling in sick. Each guard has a different employee to shadow each day. It changes every day so that the two never became fully acquainted with each other. Amazon frowns on fraternization.

As a private company they can hire as many guards as they like. It’s their prerogative. But it begs the question “Is something wrong here?” when this company invests more in security than our nation does. Turns out something is wrong, but not with our country but with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos trusts no one. Turns out 2 guards keep watch on the one guard who watches the regular employee. Spies spying on spies some workers called it before they got fired. It’s a built in redundancy to dissuade employee from acting on free will and to contain their thinking to a “box” that amazon builds for them.

According to one former guard who has since disappeared, “people should be more worried about the post office disappearing”, don’t worry we are.

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