Woman Remembers She Used A Potato In Place Of A Tampon When A Vine Starts To Grow Down Her Leg.


Scarlette Rosebud of Oregon, was enjoying a weekend at a festival when her period unexpectedly began. “The moon wasn’t even full yet”, she said. “I thought I had another week until it started”. No being prepared for this, Scarlette had no tampons on hand. She then remembered how her mother told her that in the old days women would use a potato to stymie the bleeding.

With that, Scarlette grabbed the nearest spud and wedged it up in her vagina and went about her weekend. On Monday she was back on the farm where she worked. Feeding livestock and picking berries were some of her most favorite things to do. By the weeks end, she was tired as all getup. Thinking about what she might do this weekend, the thought struck her that she had not showered in two weeks.

At the pond Scarlette removed her clothing. When she looked down not only did she see her massive bush, but there were vines running down the insides of her thighs. “I wasn’t sure wtf I’d got caught in my bush this time. Fuck was I in for a surprise!”. A light tug revealed the vines were firmly attached to something. She wound them up in her hand and gave ’em a good yank, “Mother fucker it hurt! I lost half my bush!” and at the other end was that goddam potato from the weekend prior.

“I’d forgotten all about the dang ole potato. Must of been all the acid I dropped. Anyway I quickly planted it as not to waste it”. Unfazed by the grossness of it all, she now carries a potato with her wherever she goes just in case.

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