High School Sweethearts Expecting Their First Child, Find Out They Are Actually Brother And Sister


Phoenix, AZ- Brian and Lilith Anderson are your all American couple. High School sweethearts who followed each other to ASU and now both teach in the same school district in Maricopa County. The couple got married after graduating college and now 3 years later are living in their first home expecting their first child.

During a routine OBGYN appointment Brian and Lilith took blood tests to see if either had any familial genetic markers that could speak to possible health issues the child may face. It would be a couple weeks before results would come back.

About 10 days after the tests the couple was called back by the OBGYN and asked to come in immediately. Brian and Lilith were worried something was horribly wrong with the baby so they rushed over as safely as possible to find out just what was going on. Dr. Abagnail asked them to sit down and had this to say, “Your baby is fine. 100% fine. So please don’t worry about that. We have had some unexpected results when it came to your blood tests. The genetic history was the same. With a DNA marker match like the two of you share, there is no possible explanation than to say that you two are related. In fact you are brother and sister”. Brian and Lilith sat stunned and asked for a moment alone which Dr. Abagnail gladly gave them.

“This is not the first case of incest I have been involved in. It hits close to home” – Dr. Abagnail

“Well, what are you thinking?” Queried Brian. “I’m thinking we keep our mouths shut for the sake of the baby. Dr. Abagnail can’t say anything and if we keep our mouths shut it will be our secret”, said Lilith. “What about you being my sister? What about that?!”. “Shut up Brian that doesn’t change how I feel about you. If anything, I think it strengthens our bond”. And with that theirs minds were made up to continue like nothing was revealed to them and go on their merry way. So they thought.

Turns out Dr. Abagnail is required to notify the state of any cases of familial incest no matter the circumstances if one of the parties is pregnant. Once Arizona found out a brother and sister were married they pronounced the marriage annulled, though the Anderson’s are fighting that in court. The pregnancy has no bearing on the matrimonial quagmire. For the mean time the couple have been living as nothing has changed and are preparing for trial. “Worst case scenario, we are not married in the eyes of the state, but my sister and I have a deep bond that cannot be broken in a court of law”.

However the may chips fall, it looks like the couple are connected for life in more ways than one. Please stayed tuned to dailynewsreported.com as more developments are sure to unfold.

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