From Jail Birds To Love Birds: Steven Avery And Joe Exotic’s Secret Love Affair Exposed


Joe Exotic and Steven Avery have more than one thing in common. The two Netflix stars are both locked away in prison and have very limited contact with the outside world. One Netflix executive put the pair in contact with each other so they could write letters to one another to help pass time.

Joe and Steven hit it off right away. Both confided in each other that they are in fact innocent and the two bonded over being wrongly accused. What the Netflix exec may not have accounted for was that the pair would fall in love with each other.

That’s right, Joe Exotic and Steven Avery also hit it off romantically. Each letter they write to each other gets read before it’s sent off and what jailers are telling us is that the letters have gotten quite steamy. “Joe and Steven have been engaging in some sexually charged scenarios via letter. These erotic letters get just as nasty as you can imagine”, said a prison guard.

Because of how well the two get along, Netflix will be airing a special featuring the two men in candid interviews to re-discuss their cases, but to also dive deep into their love affair. Stay tuned for the special which is set to air this winter exclusively on Netflix.

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