Man Locked Up After Throwing Beer Bottle At Bartender Who Changed Led Zeppelin To Nickelback On The Jukebox


Houston, TX- Walter Smith was drinking at his favorite bar Kegs Up! this past Friday night. Walter is a regular and is used to feeling right at home. On this particular night there was a new bartender Shelia who was closing for the first her time. She was not familiar with Walter, so when he put on “Stairway To Heaven” right before last call like he would do every night he was there at closing, she didn’t think anything of selecting a new song on the jukebox.

Right when the epic guitar solo was to begin on Led Zeppelin’s signature song, Shelia picked a random Nickelback song to play to put her in the right mood for her first closing shift. Without thinking Walter abruptly turned and threw his beer bottle in the direction of the jukebox. He didn’t care that it was Shelia whom had got hit in the head, he just wanted his song back on.

“I was about to bang my head to the guitar solo, when out of nowhere some Nickelback song came on. I mean how could you even follow a Zeppelin song with that garbage, let alone interrupt one of the greatest songs ever for them?”, Walter said to the media from Harris County Jail.

Shelia was unavailable for comment, but word has it that she has quit the bar business and will return to school. This event may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for her.

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