Dallas Man Ruptures His Wife’s Bladder By Blasting An Airhorn In Her Vagina.


Dallas, TX- Peggy Saunders (33) is recovering at a local Dallas hospital after she was admitted the night before with a ruptured bladder. Peggy’s husband Greg set off an airhorn inside her vagina while she slept. At 129 decibels, airhorns can permanently damage your hearing. Peggy was to learn that when set off inside a vagina, it can also rupture bladders.

“Airhorns are not designed to be used in tight confined areas due to the high risk of injury inherent with high decibel devices. When her husband Greg inserted and blew the horn in her vagina while sleeping, the sound had no place to escape. Pressure would build inside the vagina and shockwaves would pulsate at an incredible rate. The only comparable thing that comes to mind when talking about the sheer shock of vibrations cause by the horn would be being electrocuted by a car battery. The bladder walls are notoriously thin and are susceptible to damage. The pressure caused by the horn blew a hole in Peggy’s bladder”, said Dr. Kenneth Attonbury.

“Peggy is lucky that the blast from the airhorn did not cause more damage”, Dr. Kenneth Attonbury.

Authorities believe Greg acted with Depraved Indifference and is being charge with 2nd degree assault charges for the attack. He is being held on $50,000 bond while his wife recovers. He claims the whole incident is a misunderstanding and that it has been blown out of proportion. Peggy plans to file for divorce.

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