100’s Of Marijuana Plants Sprout From Mans Grave


Hector Lozano of Los Angeles was only 33 years old when cancer got the best of him and he left this world. Scores of family and friends attended his open casket funeral. A beloved figure in his community, Hector grew up without parents and turned to a life of giving so that he may in turn receive.

“Hector would drop off these giant nugs for me. He didn’t ask for money in return. Every time I would go through another round of chemo, there would be a package from hector waiting for me in my room. He was one of a kind”, Mr. Randy Wilson friend of Hector Lozano

Hector supported himself by selling marijuana to his friends, family, and community. He prided himself on selling a good product at a reasonable price. “Hector loved finding the best possible product and selling it at a price that would be attainable for all”, a neighbor of Hector’s said. Hector didn’t believe in guns or ripping people off. He is oft credited in the City of Los Angeles as a trailblazer in the world of ethical drug sales.

It has been 4 months since his funeral and 100’s of marijuana plants have sprouted from his gravesite. Word has it that his friends, in a sign of respect, tossed the seeds to their favorite strains of weed onto his casket. The groundskeeper kept word of the plants a secret for as long as he could, as he was enjoying the fruits of a great harvest and didn’t want to ruin a good thing.

Eventually word spread and scores of people pillaged his grave site for every last nugget. “It’s how he would have wanted it. Seeing people pluck nugs from his grave would absolutely warm his heart”, a former girlfriend told us.

Strangely authorities have kept quiet on the matter and no investigation has been started in response to the rogue pot farm.

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