Doctor In China Attempting To Make A Clone Of Michael Jackson Has Vanished


Beijing, China- Not quite two months into the year and we have incredible news coming out of China. Dr. Henry Lee (41), One of China’s foremost doctors in the field of genetics and clonetics has gone missing shortly after reports started to leak on his latest project. That project was to clone Michael Jackson using DNA collected years ago. Well before Jackson passed the idea to clone him was but a thought in Dr. Lee’s head, but he did go about procuring and preserving Mr. Jackson’s DNA for possible future use.

What would have been Dr. Lee’s motivation to clone Michael Jackson? Since he is not around to ask (we’ll get into that later), best we can do is guess. The popular consensus is that Lee wanted fame and renown for cloning possibly one of the most recognizable people that ever walked the earth. Another lesser know reason may also have been to impress a woman.

Dr. Lee addressing fellow clonetic doctors at a symposium last year.

The world would be in an uproars had his task been accomplished. Lee believed he would be forgiven seeing that it was Michael Jackson he brought back. Guess we’ll never know eh?

What makes this story even stranger is the disappearance of Lee. Conspiracy theories are taking off like wildfire. Some believe he was taken by a secret Chinese Agency to work on their projects. Other think Elon Musk has him hidden in a secret bunker somewhere in Montana. Wherever he is would sure love to have an interview with him.

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