600 Pound Woman Finds Out She’s 18 Months Pregnant


Linda Tibur (35) of Butte MT, recently found out she is 18 months pregnant. Weighing in at 600lbs. Linda spends a bit of time at Dr.’s appointments to keep an eye on her health. It’s not unusual her to have stomach and gastrointestinal issues due to her diet.

Last week Ms. Tibur went to her GP for a check up and was complaining of sharp stomach pains and the feeling that she had to poop but there was nothing in her bowels to remove. Blood was drawn and a full panel of tests were done.

Fast forward to present day and Linda is still adjusting from the news of her test results. She is pregnant. Doctors were having a tough time pining down the age of her unborn child so they asked her when she thought the conception happened. 18 months prior was the only time she had had relations in 6 years. She refuses to name the father, but the name Shep Arnold keeps coming up.

18 months is a long time to be pregnant and a c-section is being planned for next week. Doctors believe the child will weigh anywhere from 35-50lbs.

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