Husband Put Pop-Rocks In Wife’s Vagina To “See What Would Happen”. Fight Ensues Afterward


Fillmore, CA- Ben and Sherri Westmore are cooling down at the Ventura County Jail after neighbors called police about a possible disturbance taking place at the couple’s residence. While Sherri lay sleeping that night, a drunk Ben Westmore poured a package of Pop-Rocks into his wife’s vagina to “see what would happen”. What did happen was quite disturbing.

Sherri woke to a very strange sensation in her vagina. Scores of tiny explosions were happening inside her. The first thing Sherri saw when she opened her eyes was her husband Ben doubled over laughing hysterically next to the bed. She then saw the empty package of Pop-Rocks down by her vagina and was able to deduce what had happened. Her drunk husband had put a package of Pop-Rocks inside of her via her vagina. She quickly formulated her own revenge plan of attack.

Her plan was to throw anything she could get her hands on directly at her husband. Screaming, yelling, and breaking glass was enough to get the attention of their neighbors. Police were called to the scene and Ben and Sherri were arrested and brought to jail. Other than some minor blistering, Sherri will fully recover. Ben is not sure it was all worth it in the end.

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