Dentist Caught On Video Inserting His Head Into The Vagina Of An Unconscious Patient


Dr. Paul Ferrozi (59) of Houston Texas has been placed under arrested after video evidence provided by the victim shows him sexually assault her with his head while she lay unconscious. The victim, who shall remain anonymous, accidentally recorded the assault that took place during her visit. The video shows a dental assistant sedate the victim and leave the room. Dr. Ferrozi enters after a few minutes have passed, giving the drugs time to render the victim unconscious.

Ferrozi locks the door, which should not even have a lock at all according to local, state and federal laws. He removes the clothing of the victim and proceeds to insert his head into her vagina dozens of times while manually masturbating himself with a free hand. When Ferrozi finishes, he redresses the victim, cleans himself up and only then does he begin to work on her teeth.

“The victim had mistakenly set her phone to record a video when she placed it in her purse. The fact that it was pointed in the direction of the assault and that it captured the crime, is truly remarkable. Dr. Ferrozi is going away for a long long time”

When the victim awakens she feels disoriented and sore from the dental work. Oddly her vagina hurts as well. Like must of us do, she reaches for her phone to check for messages and calls. Oddly her phone was still recording a video when she picked it up. Ending the video, she played in back in horror. Quickly she made her exit and went straight to authorities with her evidence.

Dr. Paul Ferrozi is now being held without bail for sexual assault and rape with a foreign object. No charges have been brought forward against the dental assistant at this point.

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