A Walmart Employee’s Makeshift Meth Lab Catches Fire

June 5, 2022 Bonine 0

Oxnard, CA- Marylouise McGraw(51) single handedly blew up a Walmart Superstore Saturday night when she foolishly lit a cigarette while mixing chemicals for her homemade batch of methamphetamines. Marlylouise worked at the Oxnard location of Walmart for 3 months before she began cooking meth in the camping and sporting goods […]

Harley Davidson Pledges To Go All Electric By 2025

May 28, 2022 Bonine 0

Milwaukee, WI- In a stunning turn of events, Harley Davidson has shocked the motor world by pledging to go all electric and halt production of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered motorcycles by 2025. This comes in response to the overwhelming support of Harley owners worldwide for a “greener” future. “We […]