Tesla Offering Vegans A 10% Discount On Any Vehicle


Hawthorne, CA- Daily News Reported has received information from Tesla insiders that they are now offering a 10% off on any vehicle purchase for those who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. “Cows produce tons and tons of methane and whether people acknowledge it or not, it fucks up our climate. Just like fossil fuel burning cars”, Kent Miller of Tesla said.

It would appear that vegans, yuppies and teslas are in it together for the long haul. Miller also said, “we understand not everyone will appreciate this discount and many will be upset. Well suck it up snowflake”.

Many are viewing this as a political ploy by elon musk to gain the favor of vegans and vegans are of course the “perfect space people” as they can live off of bullshit for long long periods of time and never and I mean never have to go to flavor town.

Oh ya, how are people going to prove they are vegan to receive their 10% discount? Each tesla dealership with have a fart analyzer to test the contents of your fecal air and verify if you are vegan or not.


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