Florida Man Loses His Penis After He Tried Having Oral Sex With A Shark


Roy Miller showed up at a Jacksonville Florida hospital early on Sunday morning. Roy had been out in the ocean before the sun rose. He was searching for a wide mouthed fish that could accommodate his penis and provide the necessary oral pleasure he was looking for.

He eventually found a fish of the right size and began to copulate with its mouth. He must have gotten too aggressive with his thrusting and angered it. Out of nowhere Roy screamed in pain. The fish was a little shark and it had just clamped onto his penis with its razor sharp teeth. He could not wrangle the shark free now matter what he did and he started to freak out.

Roy needed help and he knew he would have some explaining to do. He showed up at the hospital carrying the shark that was still attached to his bloody penis. Doctors quickly recognized the situation was critical if they wanted to save his wiener, they were going to have to hurry. “Some dudes like to have a go with a catfish, Mr. Miller did not choose his companion wisely. He will more than likely lose his penis”, said Dr. Rowel

Miller does in-fact lose his penis in the ordeal. He explained that all he was doing was trying to have a “good time” and that karma caught up with him “real quick” when he chose to stick his cock in a shark. “Hopefully this is the last we will hear of Roy Miller, but I would not be surprised if he shows up with more animal related injuries”, Dr. Rowel.

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