Chicago Woman Forcefully Evicted After Refusing To Leave Apartment


Peggie Lethrow of Chicago Illinois, hadn’t paid her rent in 7 months and was no longer facing the threat of eviction. She was actively being told to leave. Every time the apartment manager asked her to leave she would sit on the ground and say “move me”. Well fuck. No one had been able to move her, so Peggie just kept on living in apartment 12b.

The manager, Klyde Sypson was tasked by his dad Rolf, the owner of the apartments to remove her or he would be kicked out himself. Klyde tried all kinds of different means to peacefully remove Peggie to no avail. Klyde got drunk one night and figured out how he was going to get this stubborn tenant out. He was going to lay a trap.

“I never seen such crazy shit in my life. I hope she gets all the money” an anonymous witness.

Klyde dressed up as a pizza delivery man and knocked on her door. Peggie answered but said she had not ordered any pizza pie. He explained that he could not return to work with the pizza, he had to drop it off lest he get in trouble for a non delivery. “I’ll pay for it” he said. That was all she needed to hear.

And boom the trap was sprung. When he handed over the pizza pie he threw a hook on her electric scooter that was attached to his pickup. As she went back in the house with the pizza, Klyde made a B-line to his truck and drove off. He started dragging Peggie through the streets of Chicago until he was sure she was not going to find her way back.

Peggie called authorities and Klyde was arrested on multiple charges ranging from reckless driving all the way up to kidnapping and attemtped murder. The apartments are set to be renamed “The Lethrow Village” once the lawsuit is settled between Peggie and Rolf.

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