A Recent Study Shows That Drivers Who Tailgate Are Sexually Frustrated.


Los Angeles, CA- A recent study conducted by The Institute of Traffic Safety (TITS), has uncovered some interesting facts about those aggressive tailgaters that plague your daily commute. “There’s a certain aggression tailgaters possess. Until recently, we had little information as to why these drivers felt so righteous in their pursuits of appearing at their destination seconds or minutes sooner”, said Dr. Keith Platovsky of TITS.

As it turns out, there is a perfectly logical explanation for their behavior. A study was conducted with 10,000 known tailgaters and the common thread amongst them was the general lack of a satisfying sex life. They were not getting laid. “No wonder they are so angry”, said an anonymous source.

“If you have the sex, you will drive better”, Dr. Patovsky.

Turns out because of their aggression, tailgaters put off anyone who may be sexually interested in them. Dr. Patovsky further elaborates, “It’s a catch 22 for the afflicted. The tailgating causes a lack of attraction from would be partners. But without the sex, the aggression remains. One needs to dig deep within to find the strength to not be an asshole”.

95% of these people can overcome this nasty habit. The other 5% are the “proud to be an asshole” demographic. Not much can be done to help these people.

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