Woman Finds Hamburger From 1994 Under Her Right Boob

July 14, 2021 Bonine 0

Camarillo, CA- Belinda Miles (55), went to get a physical for a new job this past week. While being examined the doctor lifted up her right breast for inspection and out popped a hamburger. A complete hamburger at that! Embarrassed and stunned, Belinda tried to wrack her brain as to […]

Man Would Not Stop Eating Dirt

July 6, 2021 Bonine 0

Midland, TX- Jeb Flotsom (36), of Midland Texas has always been in search of oil. Ever since he was a young man and watched The Beverly Hillbillies on television he has dreamed of striking it rich just like the Clampetts. Jeb tried everything to find oil. Shaman, dances, bent sticks, […]